Bring Romance Home

10 Valentine's Date Ideas for the Perfect Day or Night In

This Valentine’s day, bring all the love home. Recreate your first date, channel your inner bartender, or create the soothing spa experience. Your loved one will thank you….


The most romantic day of the year is approaching, and it’s time to plan the perfect Valentine’s date for your loved one. For new lovers or those celebrating significant years, we’ve curated the most memorable ways to enjoy the romantic day from the comfort of home. Get ready to wow your loved one (without having to brave the boring crowds).

1. Breakfast in Bed



Take off the morning, prepare a decadent breakfast or brunch, and plan to linger with them in bed. Set up a delicious breakfast tray with rich morning treats and maybe personalize it with their favorite color. For the menu, indulge in their favorite pancakes or waffles, or dazzle them with a new breakfast recipe for Valentine’s Day.

2. Recreate Your First Date



Whether it’s your 1st year or 25th Anniversary, take your partner back to that first romantic outing or your first date-night-in. Walk them down memory lane by recreating all the details, from the music, to the romantic spot, to the time of day. Order the same food, mix up the first drink you shared, and then see how many details you can recall from your first kiss. Personalize each moment and you’ll have a date to remember for many more years.

3. Cocktail Hour: Create Your Own Speakeasy


Skip the line and channel your inner bartender by mixing up one-of-a-kind cocktails at your own private bar. Mix up beverages with aphrodisiac-inspired ingredients, such as passion fruit and pomegranates (known for their sexually stimulating effects and commonly associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love). Then finish setting the mood with low-key mood lighting, dress in your finest attire, and get ready to serve their every desire. Give your partner the secret password and let the fun begin.

4. Make Your Living Room an Indoor Picnic



When it’s too cold to venture outside, an indoor picnic is the perfect escape. Make it rustic and romantic by spreading a blanket across the floor, then add candles and flowers to set the mood. Prep a picnic basket with the perfect cheese board, finger foods, and your favorite bottle of wine. Cozy up with blankets and pillows, or light the fireplace for a warming touch.

5. A Romantic Wine Tasting for 2


Impress your significant other with their own private wine tasting. Visit your local wine shop, and ask for suggestions of 3-5 bottles that progress from light to bold. Take their suggestions for pairings (wine experts love giving advice), and complement this sensory journey with a tasting of cheeses or chocolates.

6. Revisit a Classic: Dinner and a Movie


This romantic combo has a long history, so cook up something classy and enjoy a romantic classic like Roman Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, or Casablanca. Pair tonight’s menu with a classic cabernet, or serve up an old-fashioned or mint julep for a vintage flair.  

7. Master the Art of Pairing Food & Wine


Be your own master chef this year by cooking your love’s favorite meal, and pairing it with the perfect wine. For an elegant evening lay out 3 or 4 courses, or keep it simple with a delicious comfort food dish. Now it’s time to pair the perfect wine, red burgundy and beef bourguignon? A ripe and juicy Grenache with salty mac & cheese? Spanish Rioja with a spicy paella? Plan the perfect pairing of food and wine they will love.

8. Make it a Game Night


Set up a private game night in your living room with old-fashioned board games or your favorite card game. Maybe Twister is still laying around… or get creative and make up an adult game of your own. Toast the popcorn and get ready to play.

9. Bring Home the Spa


When your love needs to unplug and rewind, it’s time to bring the spa to them. Set the mood for a sensual and soothing experience with elegantly lit candles, run a steaming bubble bath, and then set up your bedroom for an indulgent massage to follow. Rejuvenate and recharge together.

10. Save Room For Dessert



What better way to show your love than sharing sweets with your sweet? Entice your loved one into the kitchen with all the ingredients to bake some delicious sweet treats together. Embellish your homemade dessert with red décor, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and you are ready to make something sweet you will both love. Finish with a dessert wine or something sparkling for an extra treat.

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