John Smedley – Unisex – Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Tartan Scarf – Extra Fine Merino Wool Scarf in Jubilee – One

Inspired by the Jubilee year, the Tartan was chosen and approved by Her Majesty ­The Queen and commemorates the 70 years of her reign. ­The last time a new tartan was specifically approved by the Royal Family was when a tartan was designed for King George VI (Green Stewart). Th­e Tartan has been designed by the Kinloch Anderson company, which has been Tailors and Kiltmakers to the Royal Family since 1903 and is cooperating with the Royal Warrant Holders Association, and the Association member companies. Sales of product using the tartan will also benefit the RWHA Charity Fund. ­The ‘sett’ or pattern is based on the King George VI (Green Stewart) and also reflects the historical connection with the Stewart tartans. ­ There are seven colours to reflect the seven decades of Her Majesty’s reign. Th­e colours include platinum grey, the green and black of the King George VI tartan, red, white and blue for the United Kingdom, and gold to represent the Crown. 100% Merino Wool Oversize Design Made In Scotland By Prickly Thistle
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